The Indivisual Collective began an outlet to channel spirited design ideas and as a way to work with artists across multiple platforms. Our clothing has provided a directly engaging medium to represent the works of these renaissance men and women that is easily accessible to everyone. We love knowing the work is outside gallery walls, living in motion, roaming the streets, and hopefully inspiring those around.

We are a small independent project focused solely on each artist's vision for each individual design. We want you to love wearing this work and not brand you with advertising. That aside, we really just like making cool stuff that inspires folks to think, imagine, laugh, question, and dream through one “human wrapper” at a time.

All products are made in the USA in sweatshop free environments. Online orders are 100% safely processed by Stripe. Please see our FAQ for all additional info on ordering, payment, security, shipping and returns, or simply email us. Thank you and we hope you enjoy the clothing and the attention to detail, quality, and most importantly, ideas.

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Over a decade ago, The Indivisual Collective began in my garage with a single-color press and a spot heater back. Prior to that, in the prehistoric age of the late 90’s, I was a teenager working in silk-screen and offset printing environments. I had always been drawing and creating so it was natural to use my newfound tactile abilities as a duplicating vehicle for my art. After finishing art school I had worked for a few design agencies and one in-house corporation design department and was having a hard time creatively breathing. I was quickly tiring of making "safe" work and dying for an excuse to create something free of restraint as a side project. Even if it was wrong, or imperfect, I just wanted to create for the sake of creating and forgo all the daunting artistic limitations, client notes, art direction, focus groups, bureaucracy, etcetera. So in this desire for freedom, I created Indivisual in 2003 and an escape outlet for drawing and design concepts that had been gnawing their way out. In a serendipitous fashion, I also now had the perfect use for the solitary figure silhouette image I had been sketching for years and simplified it into the iconic symbol for Indivisual.

After the initial relief of purging of my own ideas, I realized it would be much more fun and communal to open up the concept to others and begin to collaborate with artist friends of all genres. I wanted the organically growing concept to honor their distinct work and clothing was a perfect medium and accessible form to host the varieties of work emitted by these motley renaissance men and women. That idea kept expanding as I met more and more expressive folks who also thrived from the same pure creative release that drove our inception. From painters, illustrators, designers, graffiti artists, street artists, musicians, writers and ongoing, I hope we can capture some of the magic of their work as we translate it into wearables and other forms.

So, what can you expect from the future of Indivisual? Well, it's in a state of constant flux as we learn, explore, shrink and grow. The only constant is that each new concept we release will be a surprise and an entirely unique product created by an inspiring visionary. Each design is a small imaginative porthole into one of many subcultures free from branding, authority or convention and hopefully there's something that speaks to you.

Thank you.

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