Why hello there!

The Indivisual Collective began an outlet to channel spirited design ideas and as a way to work with artists across multiple platforms. Our clothing has provided a directly engaging medium to represent the works of these renaissance men and women that is easily accessible to everyone. We love knowing the work is outside gallery walls, living in motion, roaming the streets, and hopefully inspiring those around.

We are a small independent project focused solely on each artist's vision for each individual design. We want you to love wearing this work and not brand you with advertising. That aside, we really just like making cool stuff that inspires folks to think, imagine, laugh, question, and dream through one “human wrapper” at a time.

All products are made in the USA in sweatshop free environments. Online orders are 100% safely handled via Paypal. Please see our FAQ for all info on ordering, payment, security, shipping, and returns or email us. Thanks and we hope you enjoy the clothing and the attention to detail, quality, and most importantly, ideas.

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